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Strikingly is powering the next generation of websites.

我们的任務是讓任何人擁有能力抒發自己的個性。 Read more here.

We're a small team working internationally and based in Shanghai.
Backed by Y Combinator (W13), SV Angel, Index Ventures, FundersClub, Innovation Works, and more.

Our Culture

Strong sense of purpose

We want to help everyone build their brands and identity online.

High bar for quality

We're obsessed with building the best and always see room for improvement.

Relentlessly deliver results

Get rid of your excuses. Take pride in getting shit done.

Embrace the challenge

Uncertainty is always part of a startup. We tackle big ideas with courage.

Focus on the team, not egos

We care about each other. Be candid, constructive, and sincere.

Empathize and create value

Make all users feel appreciated. We're not happy unless the user is happy.

Think critically

Question everything. Don't fall into the status-quo trap. Innovate!


To create the best experience, we cut all distractions and get to the point.

Take initiative and assume responsibility

Volunteer for the impossible and push the whole team further.

If you're afraid of a challenge, or just want a stable and predictable job, Strikingly won't be a good fit for you.

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Read all about us! We've been featured in...

Y Combinator——矽谷的新創公司生產機器   一家Y Combinator的初創公司如何誕生?——Strikingly的故事   由Y Combinator支持的Strikingly正開始為出版商建立以行動裝置為先的網路體驗   Strikingly只要數分鐘,即可建立簡單又漂亮的網站!   Strikingly從SV Angel、Index Ventures、FundersClub,以及Strikingly的DIY網站創建者籌到150萬美元資金$1.5M     現今技術:您的個人網站可以放些什麼咧?   創建網站時常見的四大錯誤  

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We're definitely open to hiring for other positions as well!
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